This site is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. It is for informational purposes based on documented scientific research and  years of cultural observation. . 

Benefits of Reiki​
Treats Symptoms & Causes of Illness
Promotes Pain Relief
Eases Tension and Stress
Relieves Headaches and Allergies
Promotes Faster Healing After Surgery and Medical Treatments
Strengthens the Immune System
Fosters Peacefulness
Balances the Body's Energies
Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
Relaxes Tight Muscles & Joints
Adapts to Your Individual Needs
​Releases Blocked & Supressed Emotions


Natural Healing

Learn Reiki Level 1

in the convenience of your own home!

Summer Class - Remote: 

Reiki 1:  This is a one-on-one private lesson that provides an introduction to Traditional Usui Reiki  including the history, applications, and current research on this light touch therapeutic technique from Japan. You will earn  a certificate fully trained to do level 1 Reiki for yourself, friends, or family. 

Prerequisites: Student must have reliable internet source with a camera and a Zoom or Skype app. 

Cost $125 - Three 2 hour sessions

(6 hr total) 

Lessons are carried out by individual appointment with your instructor. 

Instructor: Chris Ferguson

                         Reiki Master/Teacher