How It's Made!

Ever watch the television show How It's Made? It's a fascinating show that shows the world of manufacturing on just about everything mechanical or food-wise.

Many health-conscious people are also curious about how herbal supplements are made and if it's possible for them to  make these products as well, and the answer is an astounding YES! On this website's Herb Class BlogI will bring in weekly updates about certain herbs that can be harvested around your home, as well as how to prepare them for pennies! 

I will also list the dates and times for those wanting a personal class experience with harvesting and making their own herbs for those that live in the Laramie/Cheyenne area, so keep checking back to the site for those announcements. 

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Natural Healing

This site is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. It is for educational and informational purposes based on documented scientific research and  years of cultural observation. . 

Hello to all! When I first started in my field of natural healing, I started out with the physical. The physical body responds and reacts to natural substances. From my personal experience, herbs are more gentle and subtle on the body than current manmade substances. The majority of herbal side effects are usually due to them reacting to manmade medications, not to the body itself. But that being said, I still saw where some people would respond to some extent, but over time the initial ailment would return.
I found myself then studying the energetic body and some people found relief with the assistance of Reiki therapy. Reiki is a type of technique similar to accupuncture that finds blockages and energetic holes and can smooth out the energy fields of past traumas such as accidents and surgeries, etc. However, still, some would still briefly respond, and then a short period later wind up with the same recurring ailment.

I then became acquainted with DNA memory or patterning and found it fascinating that injuries or ailments could be carried or imprinted into a person’s DNA, and that it could be passed down from generation to generation. A person could have sustained a leg injury in a war and then a person further down the line with that genetic makeup could suffer with chronic sciatica or arthritis in that same leg. - a type of memory. So to me spiritual hypnosis offers a 3rd method of potential healing – the goal is always to achieve maximum health. This method allows a person to actually take charge of their own health, as opposed to relying on others to make their health decisions for them.

While I have received criticism from some that don't quite understand why I have migrated from one thing to the next, I have found that true healing is not derived from only one modality, it's like a puzzle and takes investigation at times to figure it all out. Most ailments do not reside in only one location but at times several, and each can interact with each other.  This website is dedicated to those who allow and give themselves permission to begin that journey towards natural health – body, mind, and spirit!

New to Meadowsweet Natural Healing! 

Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM

 For years I have seen evidence of Past Lives, not only with myself but with other people as well. This evidence can be something such as a health issue that remains a mystery despite continual doctor visits. It can be an uncontrollable fear of the water. It can maybe be a mental loop  that never gets better like choosing one wrong partner after another. Past Lives can affect all aspects of human life - body, mind, and spirit! There are certain books out there by regressionist Dolores Cannon, and many know the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson with children's past life memories to theorize that past lives not only are a real possibility, but they can also heavily affect our current lives as well.

Wellpoint Hypnosis Method (TM) is NOT suggestion. It accesses past lives to help find the answers that many people have regarding health, mental, or spiritual issues. You are invited to visit the webpage to check out more information on if hypnosis can help you!  Or give me a call: Ph: 307-701-0317